There are 3 main types of cloud families:

1.Cirrus - high level

- thin and wispy

- made of ice crystals

- can mean weather will change

2. Stratus- sheetlike

- low level clouds

- blankets the sky

- usually means rain is coming

- stratus clouds form in layers

3. Cumulus - puffy

- low level clouds

- clearly outlined

- means fair weather

The word nimbo means precipitation.

Nimbostratus- sheetlike - low level clouds - blankets the sky - brings light rain or snow

- nimbostratus clouds form in layers

Cumulonimbus - clouds of vertical development - thunderstorms - tornadoes - hail

Additional Cloud Vocabulary

Alto- when the word alto is attached to a cloud it means it is a mid-level cloud

Fog - is a stratus cloud that forms right above the ground

Cloud Matching do not need to know lenticular.